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Our beautiful quiet Wellness Centre / Medical Spa in Toronto's Bloor West Village offers a wide range of health & wellness, beauty and body care services.

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 Wellness Centre & Medical Spa Bloor West

Helping you achieve your health and wellness goals naturally

About Our Wellness Centre


Happy Clients

For the past 8 years, West Toronto Wellness Centre has served thousands of happy Toronto clients who are looking for natural health and wellness services under one roof.

Health & Wellness Professionals

West Toronto Wellness Centre & Medi spa is staffed by experienced, qualified and certified professionals who provide a variety of services of the highest caliber.

Wellness Centre Owner

Owned and operated by Jenny Palma, West Toronto Wellness Centre is now located in Bloor West Village, near Runnymede station, on the Southeast corner of Bloor Street and Durie Street.


Great Value & Service

Many of our clients have been with us for years because they know the value of exceptional service.

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Our Services

Diverse Health & Wellness Services Under One Roof

Plus media spa services through a partnership with 

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Toronto wellness centre services
Yoga Practice
Ear Candling

What Are Colonics?

Also known quite commonly as Colon Hydrotherapy.


A Colonic is a great colon cleanse and a wonderful contributor to a detox, as it is a flush of the large intestine.

Our core is essential to our overall well being. .

Flushing out toxins from our gut helps to prevent many ailments and symptoms.

Disease begins within the gut /colon.  Symptoms of built up toxic waste in our core are: sallow and unhealthy skin, bloating, constipation, bad breath, fatigue,  sluggish glands, lack of sexual desire, premature aging, stiff/ painful joints, allergies, headaches, skin disorders, and poor eyesight.  This is toxaemia.


Colonics are therapeutic and provide corrective benefits, increasing your colons function and tone.  They remove excessive waste, fecal plaque, mucous, abnormal bacteria, and / or intestinal parasites.  


Our Colon Cleanse treatments are clean, odourless, pain free, and provide immediate results.

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